Thursday, June 10, 2010

I HEART the Gulf Coast.....

To kick off my summer break, we headed to the beach for a fun and RELAXING week! We went to one of our favorite beaches, Seagrove Beach! It is such a beautiful and quiet place! I am happy to say we did not experience any oil during our stay. However, after leaving, I am sad to think about the next time we head for the beach. We may not find the beautiful beach the way it was when we were last there. I feel helpless in this time of great need. 
What can I possibly do to help? The Gulf Coast beaches are so beautiful and hold many memories for me. I have been vacationing there since I was a little girl! It was the place where Josh and I got engaged! My heart is saddened at the thought of the beautiful beaches and wildlife being destroyed.


  1. cute pictures! I am saddened too for the wildlife. So sad!

  2. I am so glad y'all are back! I was having withdrawals!!! The pictures are adorable!!!

  3. What a beautiful beach!!! And a gorgeous couple! Hope to see you soon!!