Sunday, June 13, 2010

SNAKES on a.........fireplace?!? PART 2 there we were..shocked, scared, helpless, and creeped out! Somehow during all of the madness, the snake gets away! I KNOW!'s not as bad as you think! Since I have a fireplace screen, we knew it did not escape into the house. We knew it had to have went back the way it came. Now....we just had to find it!

Long story short...we never found our "friend." Our neighbors, David and Lisa, came over and David helped Josh take apart our fireplace (we have an electric fireplace). Lisa and I supervised! The boys discovered that we have four holes, one in each corner, of our fireplace. We "think" the snake came through one of the mysterious holes from outside.

Our solution?......We filled each hole with that sprayable expanding foam stuff. I'm not sure the name of it (can't you tell?). We also put out plenty of mothballs around our back patio. Josh has reassured me that our problem is solved and I am hopeful! We are left wondering why these things always happen to us. We decided to think of it as the Lord giving us plenty of stories to tell our children one day!

We were also not able to properly identify the type of snake but.....Josh says he thinks it was a BLACK RACER! OMG!

SNAKES on a........fireplace?!?

Yes, you read it right! I have experienced something tonight that I never thought could ever happen to me! However, I should have known better because Josh and I have the worst luck EVER!

Okay...let me set the scene. Josh and I were enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon (well..I WAS enjoying a nice Sunday afternoon). Josh was out cutting grass as I sat on the couch watching a little T.V. I heard a little rucus coming from the area around our fireplace which is located against our back patio. My first thought was Josh had moved some furniture or the dogs were wrestling and bumped into the wall. At that time, I didn't think too much about it. THEN, a few minutes later....I heard it again. This time, it caught Lucy's atttention! She started to bark very loudly at the fireplace. So.....I look over at the fireplace, very non-chalaunt and WHAT DO MY WANDERING EYES APPEAR??

There it was, slithering around in our fireplace like it had found a new wonderful home! I immediately grabbed Goose and we ran to get Josh. So...after a lot of staring and gasping, we started to call our neighbors and family. WHAT to do in a time like this? We were in complete shock! I just knew we had to get this thing out of here ASAP!!


Thursday, June 10, 2010

I HEART the Gulf Coast.....

To kick off my summer break, we headed to the beach for a fun and RELAXING week! We went to one of our favorite beaches, Seagrove Beach! It is such a beautiful and quiet place! I am happy to say we did not experience any oil during our stay. However, after leaving, I am sad to think about the next time we head for the beach. We may not find the beautiful beach the way it was when we were last there. I feel helpless in this time of great need. 
What can I possibly do to help? The Gulf Coast beaches are so beautiful and hold many memories for me. I have been vacationing there since I was a little girl! It was the place where Josh and I got engaged! My heart is saddened at the thought of the beautiful beaches and wildlife being destroyed.